Zerista Live | Denver, CO.

Will weather affect Zerista Live?

“In recent months, areas of Denver have experienced significant rains. Across Denver, these rains have in some cases led to flooding. However, no flooding has occurred in downtown Denver, which includes the convention center, and the Convention Center continues to welcome convention goers and visitors. Additionally, the Denver airport remains fully operational and have not been significantly impacted by weather. We will continue to monitor the weather and provide updates should anything change. We look forward to having you in Denver.”

Where can I get help with the App?

 Questions? Email sales@zerista.com

Is there WiFi at the Convention Center?

Yes. Free WiFi is available compliments of the Zerista Live app. Look for the ZeristaLive WiFi network once you arrive.

Where can I find…?

  • Badge Pickup – Level 3, 350/360 Prefunction
  • Book Signings – Booth 3145
  • Business Centers/FedEx – Level 2
  • Expo – Level 1 
  • First Aid – Level 1, Hall E Lobby
  • Lost And Found – Level 3, Registration
  • Luggage Check – Level 2, Balcony D
  • ZeristaLive App Help Desk – Level 3, Registration and Adjacent to Booth 3133
  • New Product Showcase – Booth 3145
  • Presidents & Chairmen Showcase - Level 3, General Assembly Lounge
  • Press Room (Press Badge required) – Level 2, Room 215
  • Publications Bins – Adjacent to Booths 1708 and 4608
  • Registration – Level 3, 350/360 Prefunction
  • Seminars – Level 3, General Assembly
  • Show & Sell Workshop – Booth 1100
  • Shuttle Bus Stop – Transit Center, Level 2 

What am I going to wear?

Denver can be hot, but the Convention Center will be air-conditioned. Business casual attire for daytime activities is appropriate. Casual wear is appropriate for the Evening party. Whatever you wear, we're sure you'll look fabulous.

What's the official hashtag?

And pssst, have you followed us on Twitter? Find us @zerista today and don't forget to include the official hashtag #ZeristaLive in all your posts